Marketing intern / 市場實習生

Taipei City, Taiwan

What You'll Do / Responsibilities




  • Assist in social media management (LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram) including content development and performance analysis
  • Help plan and execute offline exhibition to enlarge outreach, while evaluating performance for optimization
  • Support in oversea’s market research for planning and executing communication strategy
  • Analyzing industry trends and competitor dynamics to keep up with the markets
  • Assist with departmental business or administrative matters
Required Qualifications
  • Fluent in English (Toeic scored over 850 / Toefl scored over 80) and fluency in Chinese is a plus
    • Internship experience in marketing related department is preferred
    • Have knowledge in digital marketing and data analysis in multiple social channels
    • Excellent written in in-depth content and verbal communication skills
    • Have positive and optimistic characters, manage to perform under pressure, not afraid of facing challenges, and can find solution with flexibility
    • Possess self-ownership, be able to complete assigned tasks in time, and discover problems proactively
    • Have team spirit, love to learn, have good cross-departmental team communication skills
    • Work 3 full days per week at Authme office
Benefits / Compensation

   📌 介紹人才進公司,團隊成長,你也有獎金。

  📌 優於法規的特休天數,通過試用期後即享有特休12天。

  📌 彈性上下班,連假還能提前放假避開返鄉潮。

  ❤️ 幽默好相處的同事們,人生大小事一起慶祝。

  ❤️ 吃不完的零食,唯一缺點是要擔心體重。

  ✨ 看到想要的工作相關書藉,你買公司出錢。

  ✨ 舒適高級的人體工學椅為辦公標準配備。

  ✨ 電動升降工作桌讓你想坐就坐,想站就站。

  ✨ 低藍光27或32吋雙螢幕保護你的靈魂之窗。

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